The PU integrated programme is the course which provides best of both the worlds, complete preparation of School / Boards together with NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced & OTHER ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMS, all by our Highly committed and dedicated faculty with more than 15 years of rich experience and relevant academic expertise with track record of producing many ranks in JEE /NEET/ CET/ KVPY/ NEST.

Prepare Right with our Regular Diagnostic & Mock Tests and Exams

  • Weekly test: Tests are conducted on JEE/NEET/CET pattern every week under the Competitive Coaching Program
  • Monthly Test and Preparatory Exams are conducted for PU Board programme
  • Academic Analysis is done for each Test / Exam Conducted
  • Weekly Performance Report is created and profound training (inclusive of discussion)
  • Academic counselling and customized assignments are shared to ensure optimum results from each student
  • Seperate Doubt-Clearance sessions, as well as rigirous training for high achievers.

Our Programme Edge

  • Conceptual Clarity – Thorough explanation of concepts to give total understanding
  • Bridge Learning Gaps – Hand-holding to bridge learning gaps caused due to Virtual Teaching.
  • Building fundamentals – Preparing the students on fundamentals through Special Sessions
  • Exam taking strategies – Strategies to encounter the questions as per their individual understanding, within the stipulated time.
  • Quick, accurate problem solving skills – Various approaches of identifying the answers by quick/approximation methods
  • Latest course material – Complete, comprehensive and latest study material prepared by our strong team of Academicians.

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