Our Leadership

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

A great leader has the ability to inspire action through proper guidance and mentorship and uses their knowledge to educate others along the way. A great leader also practices what they preach by also “going the way”.

The Management

A man with an impeccable vision – Dr. Nissar Ahmed’s dedicated and passionate involvement in the education sector for over 45 years has won him many laurels, truly establishing his commitment to spread the light of education to each and every individual.

He commenced his journey as an educator in the year 1976 with just four students in his first class. A successful Edupreneur today, his vast empire of around 1000 mentors across the Schools, Colleges & University, are constantly working towards the motto: “Gain More Knowledge, Reach Greater Heights” under his guidance.

Dr. Nissar Ahmed

Chairman, Presidency Group of Institutions | Chancellor, Presidency University

Mrs. Kauser Nissar has been a part of the Presidency Group of Institutions’ growth story from its formative years and has successfully held many administrative and strategic roles since its inception. She is the hidden face behind the operations and administrative controls of this large group; A woman of substance, resilience, and grit.

Known for her many philanthropic initiatives, she has organized various food drives for the under privileged and continues to support deprived families with financial aid. She also plays a crucial role in infrastructure to provide bare necessities to the needy. Her vision is to undertake a host of philanthropic activities aimed at upliftment of the poor and needy.

Mrs. Kauser Ahmed

Member Trustee, Abdul Hameed Education Memorial Trust | Chairperson – Presidency Foundation & Madam Chancellor

Ms. Nafeesa Ahmed oversees the smooth, efficient and effective management of the Presidency Group of Schools and in that direction has demonstrated astute leadership and deep acumen of an inspiring educationist, with a critical eye for perfection, in all domains of the realm of school-operations.
Highly self-motivated and equally passionate about Propagation of Quality Contemporary Education, particularly amongst the primary and secondary school students, Ms. Nafeesa has been the driving force behind the transformation of the Presidency School Education-format, in alignment with the New Education Policy 2020. She is the proud recipient of many awards and recognitions, the latest of which is ‘The Education Icon of the Year 2021’ by Education Today.

Ms. Nafeesa Ahmed

Director, Presidency Group of Institutions

Salman Ahmed

Vice-President, Presidency Group of Institutions

Young & Dynamic leader who is known for his ability to connect with and empower young people. As the Vice-Presidenct of the Presidency Group, he is dedicated to fostering excellence in education and creating a culture of learning and growth.

He is also a strong advocate for the use of technology in education, and his efforts in this area have been recognized with the award for Best Start-up of the Year from the Economic Business Times for his edtech firm – Edunovas.com Additionally, he has initiated the Teachup program, which pairs students from the Presidency University with those in government schools across Karnataka to provide mentorship and support.

At Presidency PU College, Yelahanka, Mr. Ahmed plays the key leadership role and spearheads Academics, Student affairs & Operations.

Welcome to Presidency PU College Kogilu! As your Vice President, I invite you to embark on an educational odyssey marked by excellence. Our institution, committed to academic prowess, offers a diverse range of programs guided by seasoned educators. At Presidency Kogilu, we prioritize holistic development, fostering leadership skills and personal growth. Come explore cutting-edge facilities, innovative teaching methods, and a vibrant learning community. Join us to cultivate critical thinking and global perspectives. Your journey to success begins at Presidency PU College Kogilu. Enroll now and seize the opportunity to shape a brilliant future through quality education and transformative experiences.

Dr. Sunita Hangal

Presidency PU College, Yelahanka, proudly embraces a vibrant legacy of academic excellence, a testament to the dedicated efforts of our committed staff and supportive parents. Our collective aim is to curate an educational experience that is not only enriching, engaging, and challenging but also serves as a catalyst for the unparalleled success of our students. Boasting state-of-the-art sports facilities, we encourage students to seamlessly balance academic pursuits with physical well-being.

At Presidency PU College, Yelahanka, we view our responsibility with utmost positivity, ensuring that students partake in an uplifting educational journey within a safe and nurturing environment. Our faculty’s individualized approach, marked by one-on-one interactions, contributes to a positive and focused learning atmosphere, fostering the growth and development of each student. With an open-door policy, we eagerly welcome your enquiries and concerns at any given moment.

Reshma R

Welcome to Presidency PU College – Yelahanka, where academic excellence meets holistic development! As the principal, I am honored to lead an institution that prioritizes comprehensive growth in a secular and nurturing environment. Our dedicated faculty, experienced in both board and integrated curriculums, fosters critical thinking and analytical skills. We empower students through diverse opportunities in scholastic and co-scholastic areas, encouraging them to discover passions beyond academics. Parents play a vital role in this journey, collaborating with us for a conducive learning environment. Join us in nurturing excellence, fostering a transformative educational voyage that empowers young minds to reach their highest potential in this fiercely competitive world.


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