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Where to turn when you need a helping hand

We can help with a range of topics. Find out about the guidance and support you’ll get if you need a helping hand with academic life – or life in general – when you study with us. Need support now with applying to uni or student finance? See our guides on how to apply or tuition and fees.

How We Can Help

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We understand that its a new experience to enter the world of Junior College is exciting, but it can be daunting too.  We also understand that everyone needs a little help with their studies from time to time, whether you’re a fresher or a second year student who knows your way around. 

We have an extensive library with specialized literature on any topic you might ever need. And beyond. The best part is that it’s both in the physical world and online. 

Our experienced finance advisors will walk you through the whole process of getting funding for your education, applying for scholarships, or finding a part-time job in the university administration, or even sort out your housing fees.

Don’t be shy. Reach out and we’ll answer any questions you might have.


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